Silver Traditional Guesthouse in Yazd

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Our old city of Yazd is such an amazing city. Strolling through the narrow labyrinthine alleys, one can walk between the never ending adobe walls and feel the history here. Yazd is one of the most touristic cities in Iran whose tourism has gained great momentum during the past few years. There is great nature in Iran, there is great history, there is unshakable security, and of course, there is great people. If there is one factor that has been most effective against the project of Iranophobia, that’s the unbelievable hospitality of my people observed by foreign tourists. “I’ll be surely back” is what most of them say before going back home. It might sound ethno-centric, but I think the people in my city are among the most hospitable people in Iran. You don’t believe it? All you have to do is to read some of the reviews that the traditional hotels in Yazd have earned on international travelling websites. Now, here at Silver Traditional Guesthouse in Yazd, we try to be the best example of the Persian hospitality. We offer what you cannot find at a typical budget hotel in Yazd; a true Persian and home-like welcome.

Silver Guesthouse in Yazd

Silver Guesthouse in Yazd

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The Location of Our Yazd Guesthouse

When it comes to booking hotels in Yazd, travelers are recommended to choose accommodation options that are in the center of the city. And that’s because the amazing historic Old City neighborhood of Yazd is in its center. Well, it won’t be any exaggeration to say that our Yazd Guesthouse has the best location among all the guesthouses and hotels in the city. You step out and you can walk to the magnificent Jameh Mosque, Lariha House, Amir Chakhmaq Complex, Alexander Prison, etc. There is also a Zurkhaneh in the neighborhood. Zurkhanehs are traditional bodybuilding gyms in Iran in which the ancient sport is practiced. It’s such an exotic practice and is surely worth watching.


Silver Guesthouse in Yazd

Silver Guesthouse in Yazd

Rooms and Facilities Compared to Other Hotels in Yazd

If one compares Silver Guesthouse to other hotels in Yazd, the home-like vibe of our place is the most noticeable difference. The very friendly staff, the lively traditional Yard, and even the small size of the place has contributed to this difference. As for the rooms, they have been set and furnished in a traditional style. All have private bathrooms inside. There is buffet breakfast as well as Wi-Fi internet whose costs are included in the guesthouse’s rooms prices. Furthermore, one of the great features of our place is that here we cook and serve traditional local dishes for our guests. We have also furnished the rooftop of the guesthouse with traditional Iranian seats where travelers can chill out, socialize, and enjoy the always available free tea.


Tehran’s Hotels and Hostels

Tehran is the true hub of Iran. In fact, you could hardly find an industry or project without any ties to Iran’s mega capital. The same thing applies to tourism industry. The majority of tours to the four corners of the country are organized in Tehran. That is why every traveler should include at least a couple of days in Tehran in his/her itinerary. Your first question would be: Where to stay in Tehran? There are countless ways to answer that question since Tehran boast the most diverse and excellent accommodation facilities in the country. Tehran’s hotels are scattered all over the city and are popular among both Iranians and foreign visitors. Other lodging options include Tehran’s traditional guesthouses and youth hostels. The latter, namely hostels in Tehran have attracted a lot of attention recently due to their popularity among young backpackers and other budget travelers. Seven Hostel, which is generally considered the best of Tehran hostels, is especially reputable due to its unrivalled quality and international vibe. Whether you are in Tehran or any other place in the world, you can always make reservations in Seven Hostel by using the online booking on the hostel’s official website.



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